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So, you have decided to activate your Windows and Microsoft Office for free. Isn’t it? If yes, you have come to the right place to know detailed information about how to activate your Windows and Office using KmsPico Portable.

What is this KmsPico Portable? KmsPico is an activator that usually activates the Windows and Microsoft Office at a free of cost. And it’s one of the safest activators with zero spam and malware rate. 

However, you can also activate your Microsoft Windows and Office through the Microsoft official product keys. But the problem with it is that you should buy the licensed copy from Microsoft that costs a bit high price. 

Everyone cannot afford money for all the features of Microsoft Office. However, KmsPico is here to help you. Not only is it free but also 100% safer and secure than the other activators. 


KmsPico Portable

KmsPico Portable: The Complete Information(2020 Updated) 

KmsPico portable is an activator that is used to activate the Windows 10  and Microsoft Office 2016 with its older version. This KmsPico portable was developed by the team Daz. 

Do you know the team has developed many other activators even? And it’s the most trust-worthy team. Kmspico is an advanced version of its older version of KMsPico. The only difference between KmsPico and KmsPico portable is the installation process.   

KmsPico has an installation process while the KmsPico portable needs no installation process. So, KmsPico is easier to access than user-friendly. 

Download Kmspico

Is KmsPico a Virus

KmsPico for Windows 7

No, KmsPico is not a virus, But your antivirus software on your PC detects KmsPico as a virus. Moreover, for more than 4 years no user has reported any issue with this activator. So, it’s 100% safe to use. 

Still, if you cannot believe it’s safe, you should go for KmsPico Portable. Yeah, it’s an updated version of KmsPico. Many people claimed that KmsPico might be a virus. So, the Company has developed this new portable KmsPico to clear all the users’ doubts and queries. 

As it is a portable version, it activates your Windows and Microsoft Office without any installation. So, your data and files are 100% safe. 

Features of KmsPico Portable

KmsPico is the most popular activator due to its highly beneficial features. Here are a few features of the KmsPico Portable. Want to know?

  • It’s cost-efficient. No need to pay even a single penny for the activation of Windows and Office. 
  • It’s a lifetime deal. No need to activate your Windows and Office again and again. 
  • You don’t even face any problems from Microsoft.
  • No malware or virus concerns are related to this activator. It’s 100% safe and secured.
  • You can activate windows as well as offices at a time. 
  • Easy to understand and access the activator. 

Really, the features are just tempting to download the activator soon. Isn’t it? Now, do you want to know how to download KmsPico Portable and use it? If yes, here it is.  

Download Kmspico

Activate Microsoft Windows and Office using KmsPico Portable

windows 10 activator free download 32-bit

You have known all the features of KmsPortable now. So, it’s time to use it for your Windows and Microsoft activation. Isn’t it? Curious to know how to download? Yup. So, without any further delay just go ahead. 

Follow the below-given steps carefully and activate your Windows.

  • First of all, click here. It opens a new page. Scroll down and click on the “Download” button. 
  • Then, it asks you the location to save the file. It’s advised to save on your desktop for easier access. 
  • Then, within a few moments, your download will be completed. Now, all you need to do is open the zip file. 
  • Sometimes, your antivirus software on your PC might delete it. So, it’s better to turn off your antivirus software. 
  • Now, extract the downloaded zip file. And then, right-click on the portable icon. After that, you see an option to “Run as Administrator.” Click on it.
  • Next, it will ask you for permission. So, click on yes and give permission. 
  • Then, the program will run in the background. Be patient, until you hear the voice notification as “Affirmative, Program Completed. 
  • That’s it. You are almost done. Now, restart your PC. 

After restarting you can see the activation status of your Windows. For this, go to “Settings” and then properties. And now see the activation process. You have done with the activation process of your windows. Now you can enjoy all the advanced features of Microsoft Windows for free. 

Want to activate even Microsoft Office 2016? Yup. It’s a bit of a different process. However, here is a detailed process. 

Activation of Microsoft Office

kmspico setup

  • Open Microsoft Word, Excel, or any other Microsoft products. And don’t close it. 
  • Again right-click on KmsPico activator. And choose the “Run as administrator” option. 
  • That’s it. You are almost done. Hurray. But be patient, until you hear the voice notification of “Affirmative, Program completed” as before. 

And then again reboot your PC. To check the activation status, click on any Microsoft product and go to accounts. There you can see the activation notification. 

Once you are done with the activation process make sure to reboot your PC. Because during the activation process several junk files will be created. So, to remove all those junk files, you must reboot your PC. 

In this way, you can use and activate your Microsoft Windows and Office easily. 

Don’t you think it’s an easier process? 

What do you say?  

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