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So, decided to activate your Microsoft Windows and Office. Isn’t it? Don’t know how to activate it? No worry. You have come to the right place to know all about activating your Windows 8.1 using Kmspico. 

But what is KmsPico

KmsPico is the best activator to activate your Windows and Office easily. Do you know you don’t need to spare a lot of time to activate your Windows? 

Moreover, it’s just a matter of a few minutes. Yup. Want to know more about KmsPico for Windows 8.1? Here it is. Go ahead and dive deeper into the article soon. 

What is KmsPico ? 

KmsPico for Windows 8.1

KmsPico is simply a pirated version of Microsoft Windows. The best part of the KmsPico is that it’s free to use. You no need to spare single money from your pockets. And also, it’s a lifetime deal. You no need to activate your Windows again and again. AmazIng deal. Isn’t it?

However, you can also use Microsoft product keys. But, it usually eats more money from your pockets. Moreover, it’s not a lifetime deal. Didn’t get me? 

Wait, let me explain to you clearly. You have to buy a license from Microsoft officially to use all of its products and services. For this, you have to pay a few dollars. And every year you have to buy this licensed copy from Microsoft. It doesn’t have lifetime access. 

To avoid these disturbances with Microsoft, here comes the KmsPico to help you out in your Windows activation process. KmsPico is cost-efficient and a virus-free activator. 

Usually, it works based on the communication of local KMS servers. So, you can even use it in offline mode. You no need to use any data for the activation process. Unlike other activators in the market, it’s also safe and secures all your documents and file on your PC. 

Want to know the features of KmsPico? 

Download Kmspico


  • KmsPico is 100% free to use. You no need to pay a single penny to activate KmsPico.
  • It’s free from all the viruses and malware. So, your documents and files on your PC are safe and secured. Do you know for four years, no user has complained about the viruses and malware through this KmsPico?
  • KmsPico is an offline activator. This means you no need to worry about the data charges. 
  • Moreover, KmsPico activator has no ads even. So, there is no encouragement for trojan files or any other malware files. 
  • You can use this KmsPico activator for both x32-bit and x16-bit architectural devices. 
  • KmsPico is an all-in-one activator. You can activate either the Windows Operating System or MS Office. 
  • KmsPico activator is a one-step activation process. All you need to do is just download the activator zip file and run it on your computer. That’s it. 
  • Easy to understand and use. Even a beginner can understand it within a few moments. 
  • Lifetime access. You no need to activate your Windows or Office again and again. Once you unlock all the Microsoft products, then you can use them for your rest of your life. 

These are the fEw features of the KmsPico activator. Now, it’s time to download and activate your Windows. Are you curious about it? If yes, here is a detailed and complete process.

Download Kmspico

How to use KmsPico for Windows 8.1 ?

kmspico 11.0.3 download

  Download Kmspico

The activation process of your Windows through KmsPico activator is pretty simple. Just follow the below-given steps carefully to activate your Windows. 

  • Go to the KmsPico official website to download KmsPico activators for Windows 8.1. 
  • Scroll down and you see an option to download KmsPico activator. 
  • Then, it will download a zip file within a few seconds. It hardly takes 5 to 6 seconds to complete your zip file. 
  • Then, save that zip file on your desktop for easier access. 
  • And now, make sure to disable your Windows Defender and any other antivirus software. Usually, Windows Defender or antivirus software in your PC detects this zip file as a virus and deletes it completely. This eventually disturbs the Windows activation process. So, you should disable them.
  • Next, after the successful download of the zip file, extract the activator from it. And copy the password attached to it. 
  • Now, right-click on the zip file. An
    d select the option “Run as ad
  • ministration” and paste this password whenever it asks you. 
  • That’s it. You are almost done with the activation process. The complete activation process will run in the background. Be patient and wait, until you hear a voice notification of “Affirmation, Program Complete.”
  • Finally, restart your PC. Because, during the activation process, several junk files might be downloaded. So, to eliminate all those junk files, you should restart your PC. 

You have successfully activated the Windows 8.1. Simple. Isn’t it? KmsPico not only saves your money but works efficiently. 

kms activatorwindow 8

Now, you can on your Windows Defender or antivirus software. If you are worried that KmsPico can harm your documents, you can even delete it. Don’t worry. Even if you delete the KmsPico activator, it doesn’t affect the activation of Windows. Amazing activator. 

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