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One of the most popular activators, KmsPico. KmsPico is best known for its activation of Windows and Office. We cannot imagine the laptop or PC without Microsoft products. Isn’t it? But you cannot get access to all of the Microsoft products. 

And to get access to all the Microsoft products, you must buy a license from Microsoft. Usually, you need to pay a few bucks to buy a license each year. Everyone cannot pay each year for each time of the activation process of Windows and Office. 

So, here comes the KmsPico for Office and Windows activation. Moreover, KmsPico is completely free and has lifetime access. So you can use all the features and products of Microsoft for your entire lifetime for free. 

Want to know more about it? If yes, then go ahead and read the complete article. I assure you in the end, you will find a great activator for your Windows and Office activation. 


KmsPico for Office 2013

KmsPico is the best activator due to its advanced and efficient features to activate Microsoft products easily. KmsPico is developed by Team Daz, the most trustworthy team. 

Do you know foR more than four years, no user has given any complaint about the virus and malware practices in this activator. KmsPico undergoes a set of processes behind the screen to activate your Windows and Microsoft Office. 

The best part of this tool is that it does not violate the terms and conditions of Microsoft. So, you no need to worry about the problems and issues regarding the activation. Want to know more about its features? Here are the complete features of KmsPico.

  • KmsPico activator is free to use. Yup. You no need to pay even a single dollar from your pockets. It’s completely free. 
  • It has lifetime access. You no need to activate each year. If you activate your Windows or Office once, then you can access it for the rest of your life. Amazing deal. Isn’t it?
  • Worried about your data usage? No worry. As you can activate in offline mode through KmsPico. 
  • With the increased cases of malware and frauds, the developer designed this tool to prevent viruses and malware. Hence, all your data is safe and secured.
  • Moreover, it also now supports multiple languages. So, you can use it in whichever language you want. 
  • As this activator does not violate Microsoft policies of Microsoft, it’s 100% safe with zero issues with Microsoft. 
  • You can easily access KmsPico due to its user-friendly design and integrations. 
  • Even a non-technical person can understand it well within a few minutes. 
  • The easy installation process makes this tool more attractive to users. 
  • The KmsPico also supports x32-bit and x16-bit now.  

The Only problem with the KmsPico is that antivirus or real-time protections on your PC detect it as a virus and delta it automatically. So, it’s advised to turn off all your antivirus and real-time protection tools on your Pc before you start the activation process. 

Download Kmspico

How to use KmsPico for Office 2013 ?

kmspico for windows 7

KmsPico activator is the all-time best activator to activate your Windows and Microsoft Office. And the activation process is pretty simple. All you need to do is to spare a few minutes until activation of the process. 

Follow the below-given steps carefully. And enjoy all the features of Microsoft for free. 

  • Go to the official website of KmsPico to activate MS Office. 
  • Then, scroll down and click on the download button. 
  • As soon as you click on the download button, the zip file is downloaded within a few seconds.
  • Next, save the zip file on the desktop for easier access. 
  • This zip file contains an activator. Now, extract the zip file and copy the password that is attached to the zip file. 
  • After that, tap on the activator to install it. Use the password whenever it asks you to enter the password. 
  • Make sure to open the MS office such as excel, word, or any other Microsoft product before you start the activation process. 
  • And then return to the kmspico window and click on the dark red color circle button. Next, this activator will start the activation process at the back of the screen. Be patient and wait until you hear the notification of completion. 
  • Once you get the notification, go to settings. And check the status of your activation. 

kms activator office 2013

Download Kmspico

That’s it. You have successfully activated the Office. And now, you can access all the Microsoft products easily. Also, after the activation process, restart your PC. Because during the activation process, there might be several junk files downloaded in your PC. So, to eliminate all of them you should restart your PC. 

After restarting, you can turn on real-time protection even. If you are thinking of KmsPico still as a virus, then you can uninstall it. But don’t worry. Your Office and Windows will not affect the installation of KmsPico. This is how you should use KmsPico for Office 2013. 

So, what are you waiting for? Hurry up and start activating your Office and Windows through KmsPico right now. 


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