KmsPico for Microsoft Office 2016 – Official Website [2022] 👈

Whatever might be the company or a business, Microsoft plays an important role in storing and analyzing the business data. Isn’t it? 

Moreover, Microsoft Office 2016 has become so popular that more than 1 billion people are using it. Yup. Do you know how to activate Office and Microsoft Windows? 

Usually, you have to buy a license from Microsoft.  And all people cannot afford to buy a Microsoft copy to activate Microsoft Office 2016. Of course, it gives a 30-day free trial. But even after that, you should pay a few bucks to activate Microsoft Office. 

Do you know you can activate your Microsoft without spending a single penny? How?

So, here comes the KmsPico activator for Microsoft Office 2016. But what is this KmsPico? Want to know? Yup. If yes, then you should read the further article.  Are you ready?

What is KmsPico ?

KmsPico for Microsoft Office 2016

KmsPico is an activator that is used for the activation of Microsoft Windows and Office. Usually, you should pay a few dollars to activate Windows and Office every year. But this KmsPico is completely free to use and you can access it for a lifetime. 

Download Kmspico

Cool. Isn’t it? If you are thinking about malware and fraudulent activities through this KmsPico tool, don’t worry. Because it’s virus-free and no malware is detected from the past 4 years. 

Microsoft also has a mutual gain with this KmsPico. So, you don’t even get any issues with Microsoft. This KmsPico goes through the set of the sequential process with Microsoft while you install it. Within a few moments, you can activate your Windows and Office.  And you can enjoy all the features of Microsoft. 

Features of KmsPico Activator:

kms activator download

  • It’s easy to use. Even a non-technical beginner can use it easily without any interruptions. All you need is a few minutes of attention to understand it.
  • It’s a budget-friendly activator. It’s free of cost. And moreover, you can access and use it lifelong. 
  • The best thing about the KmsPico activator is that you can use it offline. No internet connection is required to activate your Windows and Microsoft Office. So, don’t worry about the data usage. 
  • Unlike many other activators or tools, KmsPico activator is virus-free and malware-free. Do you know for more than 4 years no one has reported KmsPico as any malware or fraudulent tool? 
  • Several thousands are using this tool to activate their Windows and Office to use the Microsoft features completely.
  • You don’t even face any problem with Microsoft. 
  • It’s developed by the most trusted web development team Daz. So, it’s safe and secured. 
  • You can easily activate Windows 7, Windows 8, Windows 8.1, Windows 10, Office 2016, 1007, 2010, and 2013.
  • It’s an all-in-one activator. Just download the activator only once and enjoy its benefits for life. 
  • If you still cannot believe this KmsPico, soon after your Windows and Office activation you can delete it. 
  • You no need to waste your hours. As it’s just a one-click activation. 

Download Kmspico

This is all about the KmsPico features. Now, do you want to know how to install the KmsPico activator? Yup. Here it is. 

KmsPico for Microsoft Office 2016

kmspico setup

The process is pretty easy to follow. And just requires a few minutes to activate your Windows and Office. Before going to download the KmsPico activator, you should disable all your anti-virus software on your PC along with Windows Defender. Why?

Usually, anti-virus software and Windows Defender treats KmsPico activator as a virus. And it automatically deletes the file that interrupts the activation of Windows and Microsoft Office. So, you should disable it. 

Don’t know how to disable Windows Defender? No worry. Here is the complete step by step process. 

  • Go to the system settings. And then, click on the option “Security and Update.”
  • Now you can see Windows Defender below the “Security and Update” option. 
  • Next, click on the option “Open Windows Defender Security Center.”
  • Here you can see the option of “Virus and Threat Protection.” 
  • And lastly, turn off the Real-Time Protection. 

That’s it. You have successfully disabled the Windows Defender. 

Follow the below-given steps carefully to activate Windows and Microsoft Office.

  •  Go to the KmsPico official website and click on the download button. 

Download Kmspico

  • Then, it starts downloading a zip file. It just needs a few minutes to download the zip file. 
  • Make sure to turn off all your antivirus software in your PC and Windows Defender as mentioned above. 
  • Save the downloaded file on desktop for easier access.
  • Open the file and run it.
  • After a successful installation. Restart your PC. Now, you get the notification for the activation of Windows. 
  • After restarting your PC, open MS Word, or MS Excel. And then open the KmsPico file by searching in the menu bar. 
  • Open the file in the KmsPico folder. And run it. Next, you will see an Office logo. After that, you see a dark red button. Click on it. 
  • Then, you get a notification such as “Affirmation and Completion of Program” to notify you that the activation is going to complete within a few moments. 
  • Now, again reboot your PC.
  • Open MS Word or MS Excel. 
  • Click on the file located at the top corner of the screen. 
  • You can see the account option at the bottom and click on it. It displays the complete information about the account. 

You have activated the Windows and Office at the same time. This is an easier and faster process to activate your Office. 

Now you can enjoy all the advanced features of Microsoft. Moreover, you can even delete the KmsPico files after the successful activation of your Windows and Office. 

And turn on anti-virus on your PC soon after the completion of your activation process. That’s it. Your PC is ready with the updated version of Microsoft’s advanced features at free of cost. 



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