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Who would not like to access and enjoy all the features of Microsoft? Isn’t it? The good part of Microsoft is that it offers a few free products. But to use the rest of the tools you should buy a license from Microsoft each year. 

Of course, you get a free trial but only for a month. After that, you should pay a few bucks to use more. And everyone cannot afford the money. Isn’t it? Then, how can you activate your Windows and Office? No worry. Here comes the KmsPico activator for Windows 8

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Have you ever listened about the KmsPico activator? Want to know more about it? If yes, read the complete article. And I assure you in the end you will find a good guide to activate your Windows and Microsoft Office for free. Don’t miss it. 

Use of KmsPico activator for Windows

KmsPico Activator for Windows 8 

Want to unlock all the features of the Windows and Microsoft Office? Then, KmsPico is the best option for you. Moreover, it’s virus-free and other malware-free. 

Do you know though Windows 8 is an old version but is the most stable one among all others Windows? But it has only limited features of Microsoft. If you want to enjoy more advanced versions, you have to buy a license from Microsoft that costs a bit more bucks. 

So, this KmsPico activator activates the Windows and Microsoft Office for free. Yup. You no need to pay even a single penny at least to activate your Windows and Office. 

All you need to do is just go for a trial of Microsoft Product Keys for a limited period. Once your trial got over, this activator enhances you to use all the products of Microsoft even after the completion of your trial period.  

Download Kmspico


KmsPico is an activator that is free to use and works based on connecting the KMS servers. Moreover, the tool is safe and secured. So, you can safeguard all your files and personal information. 

There is not even a single incident reported against this tool from the users of the KmsPico activator. More than 90% of the users are satisfied and content with the tool. 

Want to know more about this tool? Here are a few more features of the tool that you should know. 

  • The tool is free of cost and you can access it your whole life. No need to activate your Windows and Office again and again. 
  • The tool completely works offline basis. So, you no need to worry about the date charges. You can even save your data charges.
  • The developers of the KmsPico works on this activator continuously. So, it’s bug-free as it’s always updated by the Daz developer team. 
  • It’s free from viruses, malware, and other fraudulent activities. It does not ask any sensitive details like a credit card, debit card, etc. Moreover, it observes al General Data Protection Regulations. 
  • The KmsPico activator is easy to use. Even a non-technical beginner can handle it well. 
  • It’s a one-step installation process. All you need to do is just sparing a few minutes. 
  • Multi-activator tool. It means you can activate Windows 8, Windows 8.1, Windows 7, Windows 10, and even Office using this activator. 

The above mentioned are the few features of the KmsPico activator. But the only problem with this activator is that your PC antivirus software and Windows Defender detects it as a virus. So, as soon as you download it, it deletes this tool. 

So, before running this tool as an administrator on your PC, you should disable Windows Defender and other antivirus software. 

Download Kmspico

Don’t know how to disable Windows Defender? No worry. Here is the complete process in detail to turn off Windows Defender.

  • Go to the system settings. 
  • And search for the “Security and Update” option. 
  • Next, shoes the “Windows Defender” option. 
  • Then, tap on the “Open Windows Defender Security Center.”

kms activator

  • Finally, off the “Real-time Protection” under the “Virus and Threat Protection” section. 

kmspico filehippo

That’s it. You have now successfully disabled the Windows Defender. It’s time to download the KmsPico activator. Curious to know how to download it?

KmsPico activator for Windows 8

kmspico password

The process is pretty simple. All you need to do is sparing a few minutes for the activation of your windows. Follow the below-given steps carefully to activate the Windows and Microsft Office. 

  • Go to the official website of the KmsPico activator. Click on the download button. 
  • Then, a zip file starts downloading within a few seconds. After the completion of the zip file make sure to disable all your antivirus software and Windows Defender. 
  • Then, save the zip file on your desktop for easier access. 
  • Then, extract the zip file and right-click on the zip file. Now, tap on the option run as administrator.  
  • Then, it runs program in the background. That’s it. You are almost done. Now, wait a while until you hear a voice notification as “Affirmative, Completed Program.”

After that, you restart your Pc. Because there would be several junk files downloaded during the activation process. So, it’s better to restart your PC and remove all those junk files. That’s it. You have successfully activated Windows 8. 

The process is pretty simple. Don’t you feel so? So, hurry up and start activating your Windows right now. What do you say?

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