How to use KMSpico? Step-by-Step Guide [2022]

After you have installed KMSpico, you must also know how to use it. KMSpico is great to access premium MS Office features and upgrading your Windows 10 version. So, you must know the correct format to use it so that you don’t miss out on the amazing features it has to offer. 

If you are excited about KMSpico, you have landed on the right page. Scroll down below to see how to use KMSpico.

Steps directing how to use KMSpico

Step by step guide about how to use KMSpico

To run KMSpico smoothly on your system, you shall have to install a software framework like .Net framework 4 or any framework higher than that. 

After installing the software framework, install the KMSpico tool from the official website or any other site that contains the download link for KMSpico. You shall get the entire steps to install the tool. Follow them and finish the KMSpico set-up.

Go to the file where you have saved KMSpico and open it in a new window. You will see that there are three buttons of different colors on the newly Opened page. Press the big red button on the page. This button is meant for initiating your system’s activation. After a while, you will also see a message that shall state that your system has been activated.

If you are not sure whether your Windows has been activated or not, go to the tab with the three buttons. There, you will find a section titled ‘Tokens’. Click on it. It will open a new tab and there you can see some blue and green icons. 

Click on the blue icon with ‘i’ written on it. This will give you the required information on your system update, its progression, and the time left for KMSpico to fully activate your system.

Another easy way to check the activation status is to go to your desktop. Then, click on the ‘Start’ icon and go to ‘Properties’. It will show all the updates that are going on in your computer. 

Once the update has been done, you can check the MS Office package to see if you can access the premium features. In this way, you will know whether the KMSpico is actually working or not. There’s a 100% probability that it will do because KMSpico is a trusted application and used extensively by individuals.

KmsPico Activator for Windows 8 


There you go! You now have the entire MS Office package at your fingertips. Once you know how to use KMSpico, it will be an easy ride for you. Activating KMSpico doesn’t need a genius. The steps are very simple and there are hundreds of websites and videos that will guide you. So, get going and have a premium experience.


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