How to install KMSpico and activate your system? [Updated 2022]

Every computer geek wishes to get the complete MS Office package for free. Every one wants to avail its premium features because it makes 

Know how to install KMSpico and activate your system

work so much easier. However, most of us can’t afford to buy the entire package. So, what do we do? Well, we have come up with a solution and you are going to live it.

We recommend you to install KMSpico. KMSpico is a Windows activator that will make all the premium features of MS Office available for free. Keep patience and we will guide you about how to install KMSpico.

Steps for guiding how to install KMSpico

windows 10 activator free download 32-bit

Before installing KMSpico

, we want you to know that this activator is completely free from viruses or any other bugs.  It is a completely genuine means and will not harm your computer or laptop in any way.

So, without further keeping you in suspense, let’s see the steps to install it.

  • Deactivate your Firewall Protection by going to the section of Virus and Threat Protection. Don’t worry, it will not cause any harm to your system.
  • Visit the settings and switch off the system’s all-time protection.
  • Visit a website that provides the free link to download KMSpico. There are several such sites but the most trustworthy website is the official page of KMSpico itself.
  • The link will take you to another page that should be free from any ads. Remember KMSpico page doesn’t show any ads whatsoever.
  • In the page, select the download button and wait for your activator to get installed.
  • Save your downloaded file to any space you can easily access. The best option is to save it where you can instantly use KMSpico whenever you want.
  • After that, you shall be presented with a zip file whose password will be present in the page you downloaded the file from.

You will be able to kickstart Windows 10 by reading the Windows guide and implementing the steps to activate your operating system. Go where you saved KMSpico, open it and press on the red button that pops up on the bottom left corner of your screen. Voila! Your system will get updated in no time.

Note that the link that will be provided to you shall be totally genuine and will function smoothly whenever you access it. So,if you think the download link isn’t functioning, immediately report to KMSpico’s official website and they will take prompt action to mend the link.

kmspico windows 7


Now you know how to install KMSpico and how to use it in activating your system. So, just visit the official website and get your job done. There will be no money and no hustle involved. Just a few clicks and you can activate your operating system. KMSpico shall in no way modify or affect the overall performance of your computer.



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