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Want to access Microsoft Office and Windows lifelong? Worried about the money or subscription plans for a year? If yes, then don’t worry. Kmspico activator is here to help you out. 


But what actually is this Kmspico? 

Kmspico is an activator that usually activates Microsoft windows and office. And the best part of the Kmspico activator is that it is 100% free to access and use it. This is all because of the great efforts of the team who developed this software. Isn’t it? Absolutely, the big YES.

This is the best software for the students and users who cannot afford the subscription plans of Microsoft. And do you know there are millions of people who are using this software happily without any malware or spammy activities? 

If you are thinking about the spams and other malware activities through the software, then don’t worry. This Kmspico activator is absolutely free from errors and fraudulent activities. 

Cool. Want to know more about the Kmspico activator

Yup. Dive deeper into the article to know more about its functions, downloads, installations, working principle, uses, disadvantages, and many more. Are you ready?

What is Kmspico Activator  ?

Kmspico Activator

The full form of KMS is the Key Management Service. The KMS is usually the activation service that is used to activate Microsoft within its own networking systems. Usually, the Kmspico activator does not require any other system to activate Microsoft.

So, this Kmspico activator makes it easy to access Microsoft Windows or Office without any yearly subscriptions. And it’s 100% free to use even. 

This amazing and eye-popping tool was developed by the Daz team. Not only they developed Kmspico activator but also Kmsauto that usually works automatically on your PC to activate Microsoft.  

If you are searching for the free tool to activate your Microsoft, then undoubtedly Kmspico is the best activator to use ever. It supports many windows and offices. 

For instance, the Kmspico activator supports Windows 10, Windows 8, Windows 8.1, Windows, Windows Vista, MS Office 2010, Office 2016, Office 365, Office 2013, and Office 2007

Want to know how to download and install it? Yup. Then, scroll down to know how to download this Kmspico activator on your PC to activate Microsoft. Here’s everything about KmsPico for office 365, 2013, 2016 along with all windows versi


This Kmspico activator is easy to use. Even a non-technical beginner can understand it well within a few minutes. The easy to understand and accessible features of Kmspico activator outshine from the rest of the other activators and tools. Here are a few more features of the Kmspico:

  • It’s free to use. You no need to spend a single penny to use the entire advanced features of Microsoft Windows and Office. Awesome deal. Isn’t it? 
  • Lifetime access to use advanced features of Microsoft for free.
  • Moreover, the Kmspico activator identifies the version of your laptop or computer by default. It can automatically detect the type of product without any manual instructions. 
  • Unlike many other tools and software, Kmspico is absolutely free from malware and spams. So, your files and other important documents are 100% safe and secured.
  • The major attraction of the tool is that it is completely offline. You no need to have internet access to use the Kmspico activator. 
  • This activator works with Microsoft with mutual gain deals. So, you can use the Kmspico activator without any problem or issues. 
  • Kmspico activator supports many languages. So, you can use it any language you want. 

Download Kmspico

What is Kmspico Portable ?

kmspico download reddit

Kmspico portable is also quite similar to the Kmspico activator. Are you thinking about the malware and stealing of your important files through the installation of the Kmspico activator?

Yup. Then, to solve the Kmspico users’ problems and tensions Kmspico team has come with the latest features. This is nothing but Kmspico portable. But how can it protect your files and documents? 

This is quite simple. Usually, Kmspico portables need no installation. So, it’s pretty much easier to download as well as safeguard your files from spams. This Kmspico portable was launched recently by the developers just after the release of the 10.2 latest version of Kmspico. 

This is pretty easier to access and use than the old Kmspico activator. Also, developers have updated many features in this Kmspico portable. 

Advanced features and quick access are the two things that make this Kmspico portable more accessible and convenient. This Kmspico portable also well supports Windows 8, Windows 10, Office 365, etc.


The features of Kmspico portable are much more advanced than the features of the Kmspico activator. All the features are updated to enhance easy usage.  Want to know more about the features of the Kmspico portable? Yup. Then, here are a few features that you must know in Kmspico portable. 

  • It has an easier user interface than the Kmspico old version. Now, the users can understand it even more easily than the older version. You can even know about it within a few minutes.
  • No installation is required to use Kmspico portable and access Microsoft’s additional features. Do you know there are still a few people who think Kmspico is a virus? Yeah. So, they can now happily use this Kmspico portable as there are no such installation processes to use it. 
  • It supports almost all Windows and Offices including Windows 8, Windows 10, Windows 8.1, Windows, Office 365, Office 2010, Office 2013, Office 2016, and Office 2007. This means you can use KmsPico for office 2013, 2016, 365, and windows of all versions. 
  • Like Kmspico activator, it’s also free to use and you can access it for a lifetime. No need to activate your Windows and Office every now and then. 
  • Moreover, downloading and using a Kmspico portable even boosts up your computer performance. 
  • The best part of it is that it can also act as an anti-virus scanner. 
  • And finally, it even supports 32-bit and 64-bit that many other tools fail in supporting those bits. 

Many people think that Kmspico portable and Kmspico activator are different. But in fact, they are almost the same. The only difference between the Kmspico portable and Kmspico activator is the installations. 

You should install a Kmspico activator to use it successfully. Whereas, there is no installation process for the Kmspico portable. Without the installation of this software, you can use it happily. 

Download Kmspico

Is Kmspico safe ?

download windows 10 activator exe

This is the most asked question by many people. However, you might have also come across this question. Isn’t it?

To date, no one complained about the spams and fraudulent activities of the Kmspico activator. So, without any doubt, this Kmspico activatoractivator is 100% safe to access and use it. 

The Kmspico tool is malware and virus-proof. Yet, it depends on the source from where you download and set up the Kmspico activator. 

What does Kmspico do?

windows 10 activator download 64 bit

 Kmspico activator worth downloading? It’s an obvious question for many people. Isn’t it? Before answering that question, you should know what a Kmspico activator does to you. Wanna know?

The usage of Microsoft applications is growing day by day. And we all know about the importance of Microsoft applications well. But there are a few Microsoft products that are given a trial version whenever you buy any new copy of Microsoft. 

The sad part of the Microsoft applications is that they give only 30-day free trials. After that, you should purchase them to activate and use them further. And here comes the Kmspico to help you out. 

Kmspico activator activates the Microsoft applications for free. Usually, Microsoft uses two things to activate windows: Multiple Action Keys and Key Management System. 

MAK keys call back to the Microsoft servers. Whereas, KMS usually calls to the Kms local servers instead of Microsoft servers. Similarly, this Kmspico also activates your Microsoft Windows and Office using local servers in a different approach.

Want to know more about the working of Kmsppico? Yup. Here it is. 

How does KmsPico work?

windows 10 activator free download

The Kmspico activator works based on the KMS server. Usually, Microsoft works with several companies irrespective of the brand of the company.

Each company uses several computers. And the people in the company find it more difficult to access the Microsoft products with different copies for every computer. 

So, this is the reason why Microsoft has introduced the concept of KMS servers to their applications. You no need to enter the Microsoft product key whenever you use it. 

All you need to do is go to the KMS server and this KMS server activates your Microsoft applications without any further disturbances. 

Finally, Microsoft got its Volume Licensed Products. And now, each and every small company and big companies use KMS servers rather than buying the copies of Microsoft products for each and every computer or system.  


KMS activators for Windows

windows 10 activator free download 32-bit

This KMS system was introduced by Microsoft to help small and bigger company owners who are operating Microsoft. There are different types of KMS activators for Windows.  

Do you know there are many KMS activators in the market? However, all of them don’t work well. Only a few of them work well. Don’t worry. The KMS activators in the market work well for Windows 10, 8, 8.1, 7, and MS Office 2016, 2013, 2010, and 365. 

Also, there are few other activators used to activate 2007 and 2003.


 However, the above activators are more popular than the activators of the MS Office 2003 and 2007. 

One of the well-known and most powerful KMS activators is the KmsPico activator, Microsoft ToolKit, etc. 

Not only they are easy to use but also free and convenient for almost all people. So, many people prefer the KmsPico activator to activate Windows and Office.  Want to know more about them? Here it is.

Bought a new PC? Downloaded the ISO image of MS Office 2016? Then, what about its activation? Do you know how to activate it? Of course, you can activate it through Microsoft copies. 

But the only problem with that copy is they are highly expensive than normal middle-class students or small companies could not offer. And moreover, it only gives a 30-day trial that usually isn’t enough for us. 

So, KMS server activators are very useful and also there is another tool that helps in the activation process. Want to know more about it? 


Microsoft ToolKit

It’s nothing but the Microsoft ToolKit. It is also a KMS server-based tool. 

Microsoft ToolKit is the tool that usually helps you with your windows and MS Office activation process. And it’s 100% genuine and satisfactory for most people. Moreover, it is virus-proof and spam or malware-free. 

So, your PC is 100% safe and secured and mo files would be damaged if you use that Microsoft ToolKit. Do you know back in the days, this ToolKit was known as EZ Activator that was developed by the senior member of My Digital Life?

Also, this ToolKit only works with the internet, However, later it was updated to offline, KMS servers, and other features even. Here are a few pros and cons of the kit. Stay tuned. 

Pros & Cons

  • It’s one of the highly trust-worthy tools that usually gives you 100% satisfaction.
  • The best part of the tool is that it works both offline and online.
  • Lifetime access with free of cost. You no need to pay a single penny to enjoy the advanced features of Microsoft.
  • It supports the activation of Windows and Office. Even supports premium features and versions of the Office.
  • It’s easy to access user-interface makes the process even more comfortable and convenient.
  • Free from malware and spams. Highly protective and secured tool.
  • Moreover, Microsoft ToolKit is the one-click activation tool.
  • The toolkit performs pretty awesomely. But the only thing that decreases the growth rate of the tool backward is that it is detected by the anti-virus of your system. So, you should turn off the anti-virus of your system to activate Windows and Office through this kit.



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This is also the most used and trusted Kms server by many people. This is the ultimate user-friendly activator. Do you know even a beginner and non-technical person can understand it well? 

Also, the activation process is pretty simple. Moreover, the users who are using this tool are working totally offline. No internet connection is required and also no user has complained badly about it. 

Most surprisingly, no spams are also detected by users from the past 4 to 5 years. Amazing. Right? Here are a few pros and cons of the Kmspico activator. Want to know? 

Pros & Cons

  • It’s 100% safe and secured. Because the users haven’t reported any spams, malware, and any fraudulent activities through this KmsPico activator.
  • Also, you can enjoy this KmsPico activator as many computers or laptops that you have. It is not restricted to only a single PC.
  • It’s free of cost that is developed by the trusted Daz team.
  • Even you don’t see any harmful or spammy ads in this software.
  • Moreover, you can disable this activator after the successful installation and activation of the Windows and MS Office.
  • It has a mutual gain with Microsoft. So, it’s not wrong to use this KmsPico event.
  • The users can enjoy both windows and office services as well. 
  • There are no major flaws in this tool. But the only thing that disturbs and interrupts the activation process of windows and office is that your computer anti-virus detects it as a virus. So, you should turn off them to activate the windows and offices on your PC successfully.
  • Computer antivirus software detects the KmsPico activator as a virus. This is the reason why many people delete the KmsPico activator unknowingly while the activation process of your Windows and Office.
  • Also, this KmsPico activator is considered illegal in some countries. However, to date, no issue or problem has been reported by the users.  

Download Kmspico

How to use Kmspico for Windows 10

How to download Kmspico to activate Windows 10 ?

Download Kmspico

Are you curious to download this Kmspico activator now? Yup. Then, don’t worry about the complete process of downloading the Kmspico activator. Here is the complete process. 

Are you ready? So, without any delay just read the below-given steps in detail. 

  • To download Kmspico to activate Windows 10, click here. Now, you will be redirected to the page where you can download Kmspico for Windows 10. 
  • Scroll down the page and you will see the “Kmspico download” label. Click on it. 
  • And then, it will start downloading within a few seconds. Hardly, it takes 5 to 6 seconds to download the file. 
  • After that, it will ask you to save the file in the location you wish to have that file. Usually, it is highly beneficial for you to save on your desktop to access the file easily. 
  • After the selection of the location of the file. Save it. 
  • That’s it. It starts downloading the file. Wait until the file is downloaded completely. 

Now, you have successfully downloaded the file. And it’s time to activate Windows 10 using the file.

Want to know how to install KmsPico for Windows 10 and Office? 

Activation of Windows 10 

how to activate windows 10 pro without product key

To activate Windows 10 using Kmspico activator you should first turn off your anti-virus tools. The reason for this is that most of the anti-virus apps deleted and restricted the Kmspico activator, thinking that it’s a virus. 

So, to activate and run successfully Windows 10 on your PC, it’s advised to turn off all other anti-virus tools or Windows defenders. Don’t know how to disable windows defenders? No worry. 

Just follow the below-given steps to disable windows defenders. 

  • Go to “settings.” 
  • And tap on the “security and update” option.
  • Under the security and update, choose the “Windows Defender.”
  • And then, tap on “Open Windows Defender Security Center.”

kms activator

  • Next, choose the option “Virus & Threat Protection.”

kmspico filehippo

  • Finally, just turn off the Real-Time Protection.

kmspico reddit

You are done with the windows defender disabling. So, it’s time to activate your Windows and Office.

  • After disabling the windows defender, go to your downloaded zip file. And open it.  
  • Now, you see a new folder with a file name “KmsPico.exe file, click on it and run.
  • Then, it starts its installation process. And follow the instructions as stated by the file. 
  • After the successful installation of the file, go to the menu bar, and search for the KmsPico program. 
  • Tap on it and it opens a program. Click on the red circle button. And your windows will be activated within a few minutes. 
  • Then, your computer would be automatically restarted. Now, go to my computer. And finally, click on the properties. Just scroll down and now you can see that the activation of Windows 10 notification successfully. 

Similarly, activating Windows 8, Windows 8.1, and Windows 7 is also similar. All you need to do is just go to the Kmspico website. Click on download. Download your file. And install it on your laptop or computer. 

Then, restart your PC. That’s it. You have successfully activated windows. For more clarity and detailed information, scroll down to see the activation process of other Windows. 

Now it’s time to activate MS Office. Want to know more about it? Are you ready? 

After successfully activating Windows, you should activate the MS Office even. 

  • First of all, restart your PC to activate MS Office. 
  • Also, make sure to turn off the Windows Defender. Usually, this Windows Defender interferes in the process of MS Office activation. So, to ensure the smooth process you should disable the Windows Defender.
  • Then, open MS Word or MS Excel or any other Microsoft Office.
  • After that, open the Kmspico file. For this, go to the menu section and search for KmsPico or Scroll down and search for the KmsPico. 
  • Like the above Windows activation process, open the KmsPico.exe file in the Kmspico folder. And click on that .exe file and run it. 
  • Next, you will notice the Office logo. This usually confirms that the program was detected by the activator. And then, click on the red button. 
  • Then, within a few moments, you can complete the process. Finally, you listen to an alarming notification saying “Affirmative and program completion.” 

This usually means you have successfully completed the process and activated the MS Office. Now, to confirm your MS Office activation, just restart PC. 

  • And after rebooting your PC, open the MS Word or MS Excel. 
  • Now, click on the file located at the top of the Word or Excel. 
  • This is where you can see the Account option at the bottom of the screen. Open it and see the complete information about the account. 

This is the complete process to activate the office even.


How to download and activate Windows 8 and Windows 8.1 through KmsPico activator ?

windows 8.1 pro activator 2020

Download Kmspico

Compared to many other tools, this KmsPico activator is cheaper and enhances you to handle more advanced features. Here is the detailed information about KmsPico free download for windows 8.1 and 8.

The Windows 8 and 8.1 version of your PC allows you to use only limited features. While the KmsPico activator activates your windows and Office and makes you access advanced versions even. 

Here are the few steps for KmsPico activator download. All you need to do is follow the below-given steps to activate your PC Windows and Office.

  • First of all, go to the Kmspico website to download the activator file for the activation of Windows 8 and Windows 8.1. 
  • Then, it automatically starts downloading a zip file. 
  • Also, make sure to disable the Windows Defender and other anti-virus software to activate the Windows without any interruption. 
  • For this, follow the above-given steps in the activation process of Windows 10 and disable your Windows Defender. Moreover, switch-off the other anti-virus software even.
  • Now, open the zip file and extract the Kmspico activator from it. Also, copy the password of the file on your clipboard that is usually attached to your file.
  • Then, run the program and install it. Make sure to paste the password whenever it asks you to enter the password. 
  • Usually, after the completion of the installation, it dis[lys a dark red color button of the KmsPico activator. So, click on it. Didn’t find any button? Don’t worry. Sometimes you don’t get it. All you need to do is just go to your menu bar and search for the Kmspico and click on it.
  • And then it displays a red button. Tap on it. 

Download Kmspico

  • The complete process now runs in the background. After the successful activation of your Windows, you get notifications. So, until then you must wait for a few minutes. 
  • Now to confirm your activation process once again, restart your PC. And then you get a notification of activation of your Windows. 

That’s it. You have successfully activated your Windows 8 and Windows 8.1 without any disturbance. Isn’t it?


Download Kmspico

kmspico for windows 7

how does it work discovery

We all know that Windows 7 is the most used Windows by most of the people. Do you know there are more than 200 million users using and working on this Windows 7 version? 

Also, it is the most stable and easy to navigate. But to access more features you should activate it first. But how? Don’t worry. Here is the complete process. Follow the given steps carefully and slowly to activate your Windows 7 version. 

  • First of all, go to the KmsPico website and click on the download button to download a zip file to activate Windows 7. 
  • Moreover, make sure to switch off all the anti-virus tools on your computer or laptop. And also, turn off Windows Defender. Don’t know how to switch off Windows Defender? No worry. Go to the activation of the Windows 10 section. There you can find the complete steps to turn off Windows Defender. 
  • After downloading the zip file. Save it on your desktop for easier access. 
  • Then, open the file and run the program. Also, copy the password attached to the file on your clipboard. Whenever it’s necessary to enter your password, paste it. 
  • After a successful installation, the activator will run in the background. Once your windows activation is successful you get a notification. 

That’s it. You are done with the activation process of Windows 7. Now you can easily access the advanced features of Microsoft.

Do you want to check the activation status? If yes, you can do this in a couple of minutes. For this, there are two methods. Let us know both methods here. 

  • Method 1

Click on the “Start” button on your PC. And then go to my PC section. Next, click on the properties option. Now, scroll down the section and you can see the notification of windows 7 activation. 

This is how you can check the status of your activation process. However, there is also another method. 

  • Method 2

Do you know you can check the activation status within the Kms activator only? How? Here it is. Once you have completed the activation process. Open the KmsPico tab. Now you can see the option of ‘tokens.’

And then, it opens a new tab. Then you can see the “I” blue square part. Click on it to see the status of your activation process. 

Additional information about KmsPico activator

activate windows 10 kmspico

Kmspico activator is the most trusted activator by many people. Today, it’s difficult to imagine the company works without complete access to Microsoft. Isn’t it?

From organizing data to analyzing the company growth, everywhere we highly use Microsoft features. Don’t you? Not only companies, even the students, need Microsoft access. However, there are a few students who cannot afford to buy a copy from Microsoft each year. 

So, this KmsPico activator is helping out many people and enhancing them to use all the features of Microsoft for free. And moreover, it’s for life. Who would like to miss the free valuable offers? Isn’t it?

We have already discussed features, advantages, disadvantages, downloading, activating KmsPico activator. Still, there are many things about this KmsPico activator. Want to know more about it?

Yup. Here are a few more things about this activator. Without any further delay go ahead and read the article. 

Download Kmspico

How KmsPico activator outshines from rest of the activators in the market ?

windows kms activation

Though there are several activators in the market, KmsPico activator outshines from the rest of the activators due to its unique features. 

  • KmsPico is a single step activation process. 
  • You can use KmsPico for office 2016, 2013, 365, windows 7, 8, 8.1, and 10. Moreover, it’s multiple products activator such as Microsoft, OS, and other Microsoft products.
  • Moreover, it’s multiple products activator such as Microsoft, OS, and other Microsoft products. 
  • It also has a portable KmsPico version. So, you can download and use it without installation.
  • Completely safe and no issues or problems would be faced by Microsoft. It’s a completely licensed version backed up first. 


How KmsPico activator interacts with your PC ?

vKmsPico activator interacts with your PC

Do you know how much time it would take to complete your activation process? It hardly takes a few minutes. But do you know within the activation process, it undergoes several steps to activate your PC Windows and Office with Microsoft?

So, it’s a 100% safe and trust-worthy product. And this is the reason why no scams and malware are seen.  

If you are still confused about the KmsPico, here is the complete process about how it interacts with the system. 

  • First of all, the KmsPico activator backs up all your PC details. So that you can cancel it anytime if you face any problem. You no need to even be concerned about the corruption of the system due to this backup license.
  • Usually, while the activation process begins the KmsPico activator locates the product activation root, installs a virtual certificate, and identifies Kms local server. 
  • Moreover, this process does not require any connections. So, you can free yourself from data charges and other online charges. It’s completely offline. 
  • Then, all the required protocols are registered by the Kms activator local server through a particular sequence. And also it creates the registry keys after the PC has set up. 
  • After you finish your installation and activation process, you are advised to restart the computer. This is because during the activation process several junk files are created. So, to eliminate all the junk files you should restart your PC. 

This is how the KmsPico activator interacts with your system.



Kmspico activator is the best alternative for the people who cannot buy a copy from Microsoft. Usually, the price of the copy is a bit more expensive that the students and small company owners cannot offer.

It’s 100% safe and free of cost. Moreover, you can use it for your entire life without any obstacles. There are several thousands of people who are using this activator to activate their windows and MS Office. 

And no one has reported spam, malware, or other fraudulent activities in this activator. More than 95% of the users are satisfied and content with the activator. Also, the installation was quite easy and fast. 

And the portable version of the activator is more updated and advanced than the older version. The best part of it is that it doesn’t need any installation. So, even people who are worried about the spam and corruption of the system through this activator can easily use it now. 

There is no such activator in the market that has multiple product activation through a single activator. Not only windows it also activates MS Office and other Microsoft products.

So, without any further delay, hurry up. And download the zip file to activate your windows right now. 



  • Will I face any problems by using this software?

It mostly depends on your country’s laws. However, you don’t face any problem with the Microsoft company regarding this free KmsPico activator usage.

  • Can I use this application in Android and Tablet? Will it work?

You can use this KmsPico activator on any device. However, it’s not convenient to use with the Android version.

  • Is KmsPico activator a virus?

No, it’s not a virus but your computer antivirus programs detect it as a virus and delete this activator. So, while installation it’s better to disable or turn off your computer anti-virus.

  • Can I download the Zip file of the KmsPico activator in offline mode?

No, it’s not possible to download the zip file in offline mode. However, after downloading the zip file you can completely access it in offline mode. You no need to waste your data on this installation process. 

  • How much time does it take to complete the activation process?

It hardly takes a few minutes. That’s it. You can complete the whole process quickly. 

  • Is it illegal to use the KmsPico activator?

This is a bit difficult to answer. Actually, the KmsPico activator is considered as piracy. So, according to the law, it’s illegal. However, many people are using it happily without any problems. 

When should I enable my Windows Defender and antivirus after switching off them while activation of windows and MS Office

You can use them as soon as your Windows are activated.

When should I uninstall the KmsPico activator? You can uninstall the Kmspico activator anytime. Even you can uninstall soon after your windows and MS Office activation process.